A Few Thing We Have Learnt About Thomas Sanders, Just By Watching His Vines.

Thomas Sanders Is a 27-year-old Viner, with almost 8 million followers on the app. He has a Great charm and sense of humor. He’s basically everyone’s spirit animal! Thomas has been making vines for a long period of time, so we have learnt a few things about him.

1. He Is The Master Of  Pranks!Thomas-Sanders-Disneypranks-With-Friends

He Started A Series Of Vines called: ”Disney Pranks With Friends” and ”Pokemon Pranks With Friends.” His pranks his friends and they always get annoyed but they’re all best friend so keep the pranks  Thomas.

2. He writes with his  Left Hand…(I have my reasons)

Thomas S JE

In one of Thomas Sanders Latest Vines, He posted one vine titled: Journal Entries in movies. As you can see, he wrote in his notebook with his left hand. That probably means his left-handed. (He also writes really neat)

3. He has the best singing voice ever!! ❤

On his vines, every Sunday, he does ‘Shoutout Sunday’  where he sends shoutouts to different people every Sunday. He sings those shoutouts and we have come to the conclution that Thomas is a singing angel!! He is also touring his production Ultimate Storytime, which is happening right now. ultimate-storytime-featuring-thomas-sanders-32.png

4. He can do the best Stewie voice EVER!!!maxresdefault.jpg

While watching some of his vines, we have seen him do the best Stewie and Stitch voices, which  means, Thomas can be in a Family Guy reboot…(A girl Can Dream)

5. He’s everyone’s friend!Thomas with fans

Thomas is basically the coolest and best guy in the world! I  wish him the best of luck and to know that the fans will always love him. ❤

Follow Thomas Sanders on his Social Media:

IG: @thomassanders                                                                                                                                           Twitter: @ThomasSanders                                                                                                                             Vine: Thomas Sanders

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